South Africa is the only country on the African continent where healthcare facilities are comparable to that of the developed world.  Our services include:

  • Treatment

This can be categorized under acute, chronic, reconstructive and rehabilitative.  Patients referred to us are flown to South Africa for treatment after full evaluation and recommendation.

  • Training

This is provided to all health disciplines (Doctors, Nurses and Paramedics).  Such training programmes are usually in form of refresher courses tailored towards the need of a particular discipline that will update the participants on the new developments in equipment and medicine.

  • Equipment

In any profession, the outcome of a task is significantly influenced by the quality and availability of the right tools.  The medical profession is no exception to this.  Damtol Health Services will visit your hospitals to evaluate, recommend and supply the equipment which will enhance the day-to-day productivity of your staff.

  • Health Tourism

It is common practice for Executives to neglect themselves whilst striving for the growth, development and success of their corporations.  Health Tourism is designed to cater for such people engrossed in hectic daily work schedules and offers the opportunity for a comprehensive medical check-up thereby also attending to any specific ailments or complaints.